Charm score: very likely Tinder gives some sort of charm score to user profiles

This is also very likely that it is not such a simple “most like area” score, even if it would be an unrealistic advantage for those who use the program for a long time.

Impact of going Online: Tinder is probably showing online members ‘ profiles more to other users. This makes sense because people who are online at the same time are more likely to talk. This also means you need to be more online to get more matches. But of course that doesn’t mean you won’t get any matches while you’re offline.


one of the theories about Tinder that probably has some truth to it is the effect of your selectivity on your match potential. So if you’re someone who likes everyone (i.e. you’re not picky at all) you probably don’t show up at the top of anyone’s list. So be cautious and be a little picky.

Another factor that we think probably works here is your liking / passing speed. Are you someone who never looks at what’s written on profiles, second Photos, instagram links? In this way, you may be eager to get the most profile acclaim and more returns with quick finger movements, but it probably has the opposite effect, putting you at the bottom of the user lists shown.

How to succeed on Tinder

Beautifully taken photographs in the light of the above theories (see above). How should your Tinder profile be?), well-written and fun profile posts, and anyone who asks ” Will you have sex lo?” in addition to the general methods of not approaching, we think that the following will be important in your success. :

1-if you think the app is constantly showing you unattractive profiles, then the Tinder algorithm probably thinks you’re not very attractive. Try to replace your photos with better ones.

2-Be Active. When you say be active like crazy, do not jump through the profile connected to the series. That would diminish your success. Enter Tinder a lot but like it a little and jump slowly between profiles too. If you go into the app frequently during the day and evaluate a small number of profiles at each entry, it will be better than if you went into the app several times a week and liked hundreds of profiles at a time.

3-Use Super Like. This will put you at the top of the queue.

4-use Tinder Boost. One of the reasons why men don’t throw right on Tinder is because of the large number of men who like attractive women, the majority of men can’t even be seen to throw right – to-left women. So the tail is long. Therefore, when you throw boost, the match rate increases 8 to 9 times. If you use regular boost, your chances of matching even when you don’t use boost increase, as your match count and therefore your attractiveness coefficient will increase.

What is Tinder, how to use it?

With this content, you can easily access all the details you want about the Tinder dating app. Tinder, one of the world’s most popular social media apps, is a dating app for users who want to meet new people, expand their social circle, or easily find friends in the cities or countries they go to. Thus, it is an application that will be extremely beneficial for people who are reluctant to chat or want to easily find the person they want. This is the brief answer to the question of what Tinder means.

The logic of using Tinder is as follows In summary; first, users who are liked through the application are selected and the other party is expected to like it. Otherwise, if you don’t like your profile from a profile you like, you can’t match that person and therefore can’t start a chat. However, if the user you like also likes your profile, a match is provided and only this way can be chatted.