Migration lets women so you can each other end very early marriage and prepare for matrimony


A maximum of 255 anybody participated in qualitative studies range together with adolescent people and mothers off adolescent lady. This provided 99 lady (age twelve–19) throughout the FGDs, 17 married ladies (many years sixteen–19) on the IDIs, twenty four single girls (many years a dozen–19) regarding the IDIs, 52 fathers when you look at the FGDs, and 63 mothers in the FGDs. I held separate attract groups to have mothers and fathers one ranged in proportions out-of six to 10 players. Adolescent woman desire communities ranged in dimensions out-of six to help you nine players. Dining tables 3 and you will cuatro provide more info towards take to incorporated regarding lookup. Whenever you are migrant reputation appeared during the interview and you can FGDs, i didn’t collect information about migrant reputation at the time of data collection and you may built-up a lot more standard demographic information. Where readily available, i statement migration updates to possess find quotationspared to your standard study, the newest qualitative test of teenage females are a bit older into average (indicate from sixteen.8 from inside the Sikasso and you will sixteen.seven many years in the Segou, compared with imply age of 15.step 1 many years from inside the Sikasso and you will 15.3 years within the Segou in the baseline). These variations was owed, partly, to our gang of female based on marital status, with additional (somewhat earlier) married ladies within the qualitative lookup compared with new standard analysis.

Some answers, such as the one to below of an engaged girl responding to help you a question regarding migration’s you can easily influence on relationships, recommended you to definitely migration off the town is actually personally associated with marriage and you may viewed as an alternative choice to very early matrimony:

By offering a chance for women to “hideout”, migration was recognized by adolescent women become influential towards slowing down relationship. Which impression is echoed by the moms and dads, because of illustrative phrases such as “ladies stay away from going the town apparently to stop wedding” (Interest class, mothers, Sikasso), even when which have reduced regularity than just one of teenage ladies themselves. But not, while the revealed in the pursuing the estimate of an interest class which have fathers, matrimony delays can certainly be an indirect and you may unintended result of migration, ultimately causing later on relationship for women that has moved than the those who had lived-in the fresh village. That it impression emerged a lot more one of grownups than adolescents however, spent my youth when you look at the younger and you may older teams alike.

Yes, naturally migration has an effect on [marital time]. If the a girl try involved and you will she migrates, your that are the girl father, you can’t provide her to their husband while the she is maybe not back and particular people have ended 24 months, someone else actually three-years before returning. So that the moment when she would be to marry seats.

Likewise, participants stated that work migration are commonly really inspired from the girls’ desire to make its trousseau. Inside IDIs having adolescent lady and you will FGDs which have adolescent people and parents similar, the will to build a trousseau is actually regarded as a goal and you may purpose of migration that is inextricably connected with marriage. Respondents stated an excellent girl’s will want to look past this lady town for prolonged financial possibilities, as revealed throughout the estimate less than off a currently married, returned migrant free sugar daddy WA girl:

Building on prior to lookup showing one adolescent people usually migrate prior to marrying, this study concerned about brand new dictate from migration since an essential part of the newest social context on relationships time and methods

Here [on the town] you can find hardly any monetary facts other than to acquire/offering, and also that’s not always a good business. Since the people don’t have something, it is hard so you’re able to trading or promote. I have monetary problems that’s what is causing me to get off on large urban centers.

For many participants, the notion of a girl earning profits to construct good trousseau is an alternative, but also for of a lot, it actually was an economic criteria, once the found regarding pursuing the offer of a wedded woman whom failed to migrate since the woman father shared with her he would disown some of their ladies which moved: